Welcome to my site, where you can read a selection of articles I have written over the years for major publications from around the world. I also include some of my photography and also a section of various musings. I was also an early bird online investing in quality domain names and offer up some insights in how to get the right domain name for your web site.

You can learn more about me on the About page.

Adam Corelli in Paris, 1993


I’ve written about things such as used restaurant grease thieves, lottery ticket busting, stock pyramids, popular autos and much else. Please enjoy articles I have written over the years!


I love photography and am hoping to develop photo sites when I finally have the time. I include some snaps from over the years. Please enjoy photos here!


I am a human. More details beyond that are here!


Some musings on various things from over the years along with insights on domain names and branding.

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