News Archive

A sampling of the many articles I have written over the years for various newspapers and magazines around the world. Luckily, I maintained the publication rights on some of them, typically selling first publication rights only.

The House With The Most Cats

I tell the story of Jack and Donna Wright, who lived in their house in Kingston, Ontario with their 640 cats, the most in any house in North America. First published in the 1990s in various publications.

Even In A Bear Market, Slime Pays

The story of Canada’s least glamour criminal, the grease thief. But the sludge from the dinner grill holds far more value than you might have expected. First published in the Financial Times of Canada.

Rumors Of More

The sleepy city of Coburg, Ontario, sitting just east of the bulging monolith of concrete and glass that the world calls Toronto, is stirred by winds of change, or at least the prospect of such.

Busting Lottery Tickets

The printers of instant win lottery tickets run the biggest game of all and get ahead by busting the tickets produced by competing printing companies.

The Car That Refused To Die

The tank-like Ford LTD was a super-car that simply refused to die, leaving auto workers on overtime for years to meet customer demand.

Building The Broadcast Centre

When CBC built a fancy new broadcast centre in Toronto, it turned the public broadcaster into a player in the real estate game. It didn’t turn out as expected.

Inside the Diplomatic Pouch

Canada’s ambassador to Moscow, Robert Ford, did a remarkable job profiling the rise of Mikail Gorbachev before his rise to power in the 1980s.

The Controlling Hand Of The Edper Empire

The remarkable and mysterious nature of one of Canada’s once largest conglomerates left bankers and governments twitching with fear in the early 1990s.

O&Y’s Numbers Revealed

In the early 1990s Olympia & York shared insiders financial data on the state of what was then one of the world’s great real estate empires.

Revving Up Investors

A company promised to build a plastic engine in Ontario. But then doubts began to emerge and the shares plummeted.

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